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About Us


Welcome to BananaVPN

Welcome to our new website. We are here since 2008 as one of the best VPN service providers in the world. You don't know nothing about VPN? Just contact us, tell for what do you need VPN and we will help you out with the cheapest services available at the moment.

Who we are?

First time Banana VPN alias Banana Softwares was in the past also known as Banana Hosting but in this moment we are just offering VPN and software services.

Our mission

We are users of VPN too and we know what a good VPN service meaning so we respect all customers and we are giving them the best VPN service no matter what. Also we are developing our own softwares for VPN.

Our vision

Simple: to be the best VPN provider worldwide.

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Get in touch with us if do you want to write something about Banana VPN.

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865 Servers In 197 Countries

With the best Cloud Network infrastructure you won't have any problems using our VPN service.

  • North America (201)
  • South America (169)
  • Europe (151)
  • Australia/Oceania (142)
  • Asia (70)
  • Africa (40)
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